One of the favorite pastimes of Portlanders is talking about how much we love Portland. I know that sounds kind of icky to some people, but seriously, most of us just love it here. So, I thought it would be a good blog post to summarize the particular things that I personally love about Portland. (Don’t worry Vancouver….you’re next. I will blog about the things I love about The ‘Couve very very soon). Now, when we start talking about how much we love Portland, I can just tell people to visit my blog and comment.

The Weather. OK, it is probably too easy to say that in the middle of August (especially as we are on the verge of our first 90-degree today of the year this weekend). But, go ahead and ask me this in January and February and I will tell you the same thing. I love the weather in Portland. It gets warmth just right and the quality of the sunlight we get here brings out the most beautiful colors. And, we have a real winter, but it never gets too horrible. We can still go out and do things, even with some snow flurries and sub-zero temps. I will give you this….the rainy season does drag on a bit too long, but it makes the summer that much better.

Walking. This is such a pedestrian-friendly town. The terrain is mostly flat. The drivers are mostly sane. You can wander in almost any direction and discover something interesting you never knew existed. I especially love walking along the Willamette River, either along waterfront park or the Eastbank Esplanade. I’m the walking Realtor, and love it when I can meet a client on foot for a neighborhood walking tour. For a good start on walking Portland, get the Walk There guide.

The Library. If you aren’t using the Multnomah County Library, then you just might be the only–the system has just about the highest circulation rates in the country. The downtown library is majestic and the branches feel like vibrant community centers. And, the hold system makes Netflix look like an archaic technology (the hold system just rocks my world). They have great events, like this one I went to celebrating Buffy’s birthday with local comics publisher Dark Horse Comics (Another fave Portland thing, even they are just outside Portland). And, get this, you can even get three completely free music downloads each week.

Esparza’s Tex Mex. We all talk about food here. A lot. And, we can all argue about who has the best pizza or the best burger. This could be a whole blog in itself. So, I will cite the restaurant that got me interested in the Portland food scene–Esparza’s. The BBQ pork enchiladas here would be my choice for a final meal if I were on death row. With a margarita and those chips & salsa, please. Even though I continually try–and sometimes fall in love with–new restaurants and food carts, I always come back to Esparza’s.

Tiki. Have you been to Hale Pele? I love this place. Just step off the street, and–Boom!–you are in the South Pacific. Portland loves Tiki, and Thatch does Tiki just right. (Alibi is a frat party and Trader Vics is for tourists).

The People. Everyone here is just so genuinely nice. Everywhere I go, people want to chat and are actually interested in getting to know other people. I used to live in LA and work in the entertainment industry, so maybe this is more of a shock to me than others.

Beer. I never used to drink beer before I lived here. Now I quite enjoy it. And, that is probably all I should say about that. Can’t wait for the Holiday Ale Fest.

Juggling. How many people live around the corner from a juggling/unicycle store? I do. Here in Portland.

Roseway Theatre. As I said, I used to work in the entertainment industry in LA. And, the Roseway Theatre is better than the best theatres in LA. The projection and sound are off the charts good. The best place to go see a blockbuster. On earth! (PS…If I miss something at the Roseway, I’m pretty darn happy when it later shows up at the Laurelhurst, where I can see it for only $4 and have a good local microbrew pint!)

Concert Venues. I can go see major artists in intimate auditoriums here. I especially love the Roseland and the Alberta Rose, both of which make me feel like I’m sitting in the living room with some of my favorties musicians. Still need to see a concert at Edgefield, so I still have something nice to look forward to!

And, of course, I could go on and on about the things I personally love about Portland….and perhaps I’ll do a Part II, but first need to give Vancouver some more love. It doesn’t get nearly enough love and it is a wonderful place, too. Next time….