Okay…another quick diversion from real estate. I get a lot of visitors to my website looking for the other Corey Eubanks…the stunt driver of the General Lee on the show Dukes of Hazzard, as well as other big television shows and movies. So, if you are looking for him….Welcome! Hello! Want to buy a house in Portland or Vancouver?

We’ve crossed paths our entire life, but we’ve never met. He is the adopted son of game show host Bob Eubanks, and supposedly we are somehow related. One time, I was somewhere near his house in LA and writing a check at a grocery store. The clerk knew Stuntman Corey and thought I had stolen his checkbook. My best friend Barry worked on a film of Stuntman Corey’s and even had lunch with him (but didn’t mention the funny connection!?!). In my life as a film publicist, I had to call his manager once about another client, who got very confused. I’ve even had good friends and colleagues see Stuntman Corey’s name in the end credits of a movie and seriously ask me if I’m also a stuntman (umm…no).

My favorite Stuntman Corey connection, though, is watching Tim Burton’s director commentary on Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Stuntman Corey was Pee Wee’s stuntman! Burton says several times “Corey Eubanks is so great! I love Corey Eubanks! What ever happened to Corey Eubanks?” I pop that one in sometimes for a laugh.

I’m not much a car-savvy person. You’ll never find me driving like Stuntman Corey in a car like the General Lee. The Smart Car version of Ol’ Lee up above is more my speed. Well, maybe about 5 miles below the speed limit!

(Photo courtesy of Lee Stitt/Facebook)