Reality shows are fake.  


I know those words do not make any sense, but I think we all know those words to be true.  And, yes, even real estate “reality” shows are fake.

Homebuyer shows?  Before the cameras have rolled, the buyers have already made their purchase.  Then, they re-enact the process for the cameras, sometimes using the homes of friends and family as the ones that get rejected.  And the renovation shows?  Funny how they always find a challenging life-ending problem to resolve at the last minute.  It all makes for good TV and the rhythms of the shows meet the necessary narrative arcs to satisfy a TV viewer.  But, real?  Not at all.

Don’t even get me started on the luxury real estate shows like Million Dollar Listing or Flipping Out.

I often get asked what I think of the real estate shows, but I don’t watch them.  I need my boundaries when it comes to relaxing at home.  Give me a meth-dealing high school teacher or a debauched ad executive in the 60s!

But, of course, I have seen them.  I tend to watch them when I’m in hotel rooms for some reason.  Feels safer that way, and I don’t get as mad.

The reason I’m writing about this today is because I’ve been told by potential clients that “I want a Realtor like the ones on TV.”  I don’t work with those clients.  And, let me tell you why.

My job is very, VERY different from the job of TV real estate agents.  

My job is to make a complicated, reality-based process much simpler and smoother, make it less stressful, and hopefully even make it a little fun.  My work is all about you and your needs.  

The job of a TV real estate agent is to make good TV.  It is his or her job to make more drama, to create more tension, and to be the hero of the story.  

So, when it comes to choosing a real estate agent, you can go with the drama and tension of TV divas.  Or you can work with someone like me in the real world who works hard to make your goals a reality.  You get to be the hero of the story.

I guess the real reason I don’t watch these shows is because it distorts how wonderful a real estate transaction can be.