This time of year, we see top ten lists for everything under the sun: best movies, best restaurants, best gadgets.  It has been a great year working with lots of interesting clients here in Portland/Vancouver.  But, I was so busy that my blogging, which I love to do, fell to the wayside.  So, a top ten list is also a quick and easy way to blog.

So, without further ado, here is my Top Ten list of things that I love about being a real estate agent:

  1. It means a lot to me to help people through such important transitions in their lives.
  2. I enjoy the challenge of creating unique marketing plans for each individual listing.
  3. It is just plain fun to go look at houses. I never get enough.
  4. That moment when a buyer’s eyes light up, knowing that this house is THE house.
  5. Connecting buyers and sellers with top-notch professionals to help make their house perfect.
  6. Showing off the Portland-Vancouver area to out-of-towners moving to the area.
  7. Uncovering the mystery of an old house through inspections and research.
  8. Handing the keys to a new homeowner.
  9. Turning complicated real estate concepts and processes into easy-to-understand steps along the way.
  10. Being a stress sponge for my clients, then using that as justification to go get a massage to get it all wrung out.


Thanks to my wonderful clients and colleagues for a great 2013.  Have a wonderful holiday....and I look forward to more exciting deals in 2014!