Portland has been quite the media darling the last couple of years, from the comedy show Portlandia to the New York Times ongoing crush on us. And, another network show has just set up production, and I’m more than a little excited.

The show is GRIMM, an hour-long fantasy thriller set to premiere on NBC next month. The premise is that fairy tales are real, and the last descendant of the Grimm family is a detective in Portland tracking down the Big Bad Wolves of the world.

Why am I excited? First, it is from David Greenwalt, the executive producer/show runner of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel. Am I a fan of the Buffy-verse? That is putting it lightly. I was at the launch party for the Buffy Season 9 comic book series at Things from Another World the other night. (By the way, the show is also being guided by Sean Hayes, aka Jack from Will & Grace, who is moving into more producing in Hollywood.)

Even better, they have been filming a lot in my Irvington neighborhood. Production trailers, catering, those huge lights has been taking up space in the vicinity of NE Hancock and 16th, near the big Presbyterian church.

A lot of people associate location shoots for big television shows and movies as a major pain, but so far the production seems to be moving smoothly and not ruffling any feathers. Having lived and worked in Hollywood for many years, it is something I am accustomed to.

A lot of people wonder if there is money to be made in allowing their home to be used for location shoots. There certainly is, but there are also a lot of headaches. If this unusual situation presents itself in your life, make sure you also get some pleasure out of the fact that a TV show or movie will be filmed in your home. Also, consult with an attorney on your own to make sure that the production has adequate insurance to cover any and all problems incurred by the event. You never know what could happen. I’ve known people thrilled by allowing their home to be used as a set, but it has also been a disaster for some people.

So, the Grimm shoot has been far from grim. And, I’m looking forward to what David Greenwalt has in store for us. I just hope the Big Bad Wolf stays fictional. We already have had some coyotes in the ‘hood this year.