OK…let’s cut to the chase. Buying a house is all about moving in and making it a home. The searching is done, the inspections are in, the papers are signed, and the keys are in hand. But there is one more hurdle, the one you might have been dreading the most all along–moving day!

Moving is one of the most stressful things a person can endure. But, some planning ahead can help make things go smoother. I hope these tips will help make a stressful event into the first day of great memories in your new home.

•Before the big day, set up your utility accounts, notify your banks, and submit the address change to the post office. As your Realtor, I can help you out with this.

•Have cash on hand, and make sure to have more than you expect to spend. You will need to pay for a moving van, gas along the way, food for all of your helpers, and those unexpected costs that pop up (I always hear about people moving into a new home and realizing they need a shower curtain!).

•Make sure your pets are happy. Limit them to one empty room and move them out last. And, make sure to “unpack” them first in a safe spot where they won’t be in the way. If you have cats, my vet recommends Felaway, a synthetic pheromone that calms the kitties. We used it and it worked like a charm.

•Plan your route. Think about traffic patterns. If you are moving to an area with a lot of traffic, it might be best to avoid rush hour. And, if you have a big huge long moving truck, think about where it will be parked. Some cities will issue you a special parking permit so you cna block off the sidewalk with your truck, if necessary.

•If it is a long drive, check in with a friend or relative along the way, and select someone who might be able to help you out of a jam should one arise.

•Don’t rush the unpacking. Take care of your family and pets so you can enjoy the first night in your new home.

As your Realtor, I’m always happy to help with the move. Let me know what I can do. And, don’t forget…lift with your legs, not with your back!