Barely, I should add. I barely live in a national historic neighborhood. That would be the drop dead gorgeous Irvington neighborhood here in Northeast Portland. I should go take some pictures of the orangeredyellowbrown leaves hanging, falling and piling everywhere. It is truly a beautiful autumn here in Irvington!

But, I digress. The ‘hood just became the Irvington Historic District has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. The southeast corner of this district is corner of NE Broadway and NE 27th, and we are the very first residence within that boundary, hence the “barely” qualification.

I love Irvington! It is a great place to live, is close to everything, we walk to most places, and the homes are to die for, in addition to being architecturally significant. Kudos to Mary Piper and the neighborhood group for their hard work.

Here is the article in the Oregonian about the effort and the neighborhood’s history.

Here is a picture of historic Irvington, courtest of the City of Portland archives: