photo courtesy of Vintage Roadside/Flickr

When I talk with people in Portland about Vancouver, I’m always surprised when people tell me that they have never heard of Camas, the great little town just east of Vancouver. I was first introduced to Camas in the mid-90s when my brother moved there, and I have enjoyed seeing it grow and grow in the last 15 years.

The region was originally known as LaCamas, which is a variety of lily in the area, but became incorporated in 1906 as Camas, which is a little easier on the tongue. For decades, the town’s main industry was paper production, hence the town’s high school football team is The Papermakers. Though that name may not strike fear in the heart of the their opponents, the Camas school district is very highly regarded and a destination for many families in Southwest Washington.

As the paper mills have cut back production, Camas has become a tech center and is home to many companies like Hewlett Packard and Linear Technology. Thanks to the tech boom, Camas also experienced a housing boom and there are many beautiful neighborhoods with newer homes, notably Prune Hill.

Downtown Camas is a lovely old time shopping district with local boutiques, restaurants and a historic movie theatre. There is a farmer’s market on Wednesday evenings from Spring to Fall, and there are several city festivals each year, including Camas Days and the Vintage Street Faire, and Hometown Holidays.

The people I know who live in Camas love the small town feel while having access to all of the amenities of Vancouver and Portland, which is just across the Columbia River. And, they definitely don’t mind the tax advantages of relatively lower property tax and no state income tax with sales-tax-free Oregon just across the river.

If you have questions about Camas or Washington real estate, let me know. I’m always happy to help!