The moss growth in the Pacific Northwest has been out of control this season. I even found some growing on my car! Odds are you have some significant moss growth on your roof, deck and/or siding (and maybe even your car!). While it may be neat looking, it can also be a little scary. The most extreme cases remind me of that segment from the original Creepshow movie when Stephen King himself plays a country bumpkin who is killed by alien moss.

Thankfully, this is just regular old wintertime northwest moss, not alien moss. But, you do need to deal with it. Moss holds moisture, which causes damage and dry rot to your roof and siding. Seriously…you need to get that stuff off your house!

Here are some tips for getting rid of that moss so your house shines this spring and summer:

–Spray an application like Moss Out on your roof and siding. This is an ammoniated soap product, and it comes in a variety of modes. You may need to consult with a roofing expert to choose the one that is right for your home. If parts of your roof are several stories high, you may need to combine it with powerwashing.

–If it is a heavy case, you may need to actually get on your hands and needs and scrape it off with a paint scraper. Don’t take the easy way out and powerwash it yourself. Roofs and siding can be delicate. Be very careful you don’t cause more damage removing the moss than the moss itself is doing!

–You can prevent moss growth by cutting back tree branches that shade your roof. All that shade helps the moist moss grow.

Just remember…don’t take moss removal lightly. You don’t want to cause more damage during the removal process, but it needs to be taken care of pronto. Just because a powerwasher or chemical may work well on your driveway, don’t think it is the best solution for your roof or deck.

If you need a recommendation to a moss removal professional in Portland or Vancouver, drop me a line. I’m always happy to help!