This homeowner in Florida has been fighting banks over her foreclosure for 25 years. The Wall Street Journal has the story today.

Yes, banks have made a lot of errors in their handling of mortgages in the past 5-10 years. And, they have made some pretty bad judgment calls in how they treat people. If you have been treated poorly by a lender, you should fight that.

But this story isn’t about fighting banks. For me, this story is about quality of life. Can you imagine fighting bank after bank over a foreclosure for 25 years? Think about the emotional toll it takes on your life. I get the feeling that this homeowner enjoys the fight more than her home.

Home should be a place of comfort and security, not a battleground. I think of all the time and energy she has used fighting this fight, no matter how “right” she might be. I think of the other things she could have done with her time. Perhaps she could have even found a way to make her payments and own her home outright.

Homeowners should fight erroneous foreclosures, even exploiting minor errors to their benefit in the battle against monolithic banks. But, homeowners should also strive to make their house a home. Don’t give up the fight, but don’t ruin your life in the meantime. You may end up with a house, but what else will you have left?